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At St. Charles Carpet Pros, our carpet cleaning techs are tediously trained to give you the best professional carpet service in town! As the authority in St Charles we offer unbeatable customer service and, meticulously observed, quality work in all services we offer. Call now, let us help you beautify your home today with our wide variety of services offered. Don’t get stuck, with other pre-mature carpet companies, that have low to no reviews. Web presences do not lie.

Do not get swindled into an overpriced quote for inexperienced work! Other companies may have new techs that are going experiment on your floors along with your investment! Call the authority today and don’t forget to ask about our specials with rooms starting at just $29.


A+ BBB Rating

We maintain an A+ rating with the most trusted small business directory, the BBB.

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Residential Carpet and Upholstery Services


Carpet are indeed one of the most seen accents we can find in our homes. Weather you know it or not, carpets can make or beak the whole room. Regular maintenance and upkeep, is highly advised.

St Charles Carpet Pros are here to assist in helping your home look, and feel elegant and, as nice as it should be. No one likes buying new carpets every 6 months but, we can restore it and make it look new. Our residential carpet cleaning services are top notch!

Our overly trained techs will ensure you are fully satisfied the first time and if not, we will happily give it another go. Have old coffee stains? No Problem. What about the strange stain you found while moving your couch?

NO problem.

We have the tools and the experience to make your carpets fresh, and as good as new!

Rug / Oriental

Before scrubbing and, grinding you rug you should identify what type of material has been used to make the rug. Each rug is tailored and, constructed differently, dealing with St Charles Carpet Cleaners we have the insight to know what we are dealing with on the first encounter. We will always get your approval before we use our expertise.

Not comfortable with a certain method?

No problem, our teams are full of methods and, optimism. Protecting your beauty is our business we understand, that some rugs cannot surface water as it will make them run and, bleed .

We will bring your elegant oriental rug back to life, and, will impute tips on protecting your organic rare, one of a kind oriental rug.

Water Extraction

A room with wet carpet is very dangerous and,
can be a major breeding ground for infectious fungus , germs, and bacteria. The sooner, you call the less likely they are the multiply. If possible turn off all power when the water is recognized in your area.

This is a high hazard environment, water in the carpet can turn your living space into a life sized electrical circuit. Do not risk your safety get to your neighbors phone and call us!

Our water extraction professional are on their way, we are highly recommended for this job, valuables , furniture and electronics are all at risk, St Charles Carpet Cleaners are here to minimize the damage. We are the authority
with the tools, insight and knowledge to get any area free of water within minutes.

We’ll be at your St. Charles home in no time to get your carpets cleaned right the FIRST time! Click the link below to call us today for a free quote by phone!

St. Charles Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services


Prospecting the right professional carpet cleaning company can be complex on the commercial level.

Apartment advisers should select cautiously because, efficiency and, time are all major factors and can lead to disaster. Inexperienced carpet cleaners will overstay in your establishments for weeks. They can also be very hard to coordinate and organize.

This is where St Charles carpet cleaning comes in. We will give give you guidance on, how we are going to knock out your complex section by section in a timely, professional, manner.


HOA and, homeowners no longer search, we are properly trained and IIRC certified, we have the proven methods to complete multiple multilevel condos in one day. Multi-level buildings involve moving equipment up and down stairs, along with elevators efficiently and safely.

We will not block any, entrances or walkways during our process, we will inform homeowners if need be. We also have multiple methods of cleaning, dry cleaning chem dry/ encapsulation, steam clean and hot water extraction for selective options. We are your locally owned authority.


When owning or renting an office space with carpeting it is vital to have your carpets cleaned regularly. With offices and venues having a lot of traffic these are grounds for day walkers to track in soil, grease, dirt, grime, and dust-mites and other allergens into your domain.
It is recommended to have your carpets cleaned every 3-6 months depending on how much traffic you regularly get. St Charles Carpet Pros will ensure you have a safe environment for your clientele and your staff. Our commercial carpet cleaning services are the best in St. Charles!

We provide businesses with reliable commercial carpet cleaning services on a regular basis here in St. Charles, MO. Click the number below to call us today and get a free quote!

Other Cleaning Services For St. Charles Residents

Tile & Grout

Tile Floors and, surfacing are durable and long lasting, they are efficient for cutting down dust production. Over time dirt, grease, and grime may overtake the sparkle in your tile and over time it can start to be less lustrous and will cause your room to loose its sparkle. Grout is the motor found between the tiles most of time it become stained because the sealant wore off over time. Once the seal is gone it can be very easily stained.

Air Duct

With everyday use HVAC systems collect mold, fungi, bacteria, and a variety of contaminants. With dirty ducts, the air quality is reduced tremendously and could affect your breathing and makes it even harder for asthmatics. The benefit of clean air ducts include;

  • Improved Air Quality
  • Energy Savings
  • Reduce Dusting
  • Extended Equipment Life


Travel stains, and spots are almost unavoidable they are just apart of everyday life. St Charles Carpet cleaners will get on all fours to clean your carpet in your RV, boat, or automobile. It doesn’t matter how long a stain has been sitting we are the spot busters.

Tips for a healthy interior:

  • Vacuum frequently
  • Occasional wipe downs
  • sanitize all knobs, doors, handles

Why Choose Us To Clean Your Carpets?

Flexibility / Cost / Workmanship

Our simple scheduling process is fitted for the everyday busy individual, we make it this way to cut out all of the unnecessary procedures other, companies force you through we have our deals and value together. Our staff staff will fulfill appointments on time even at our busiest times of the month and year, if we cant we will ensure to give a courtesy call .

Our professional staff is here to fit your tailored needs, with affordable discounted carpet cleaning prices and, exclusive packages. We would like to help beautify your home not make you feel like you just put a down payment on new carpet. At St Charles Carpet Cleaners our techs put their heads behind their work and simply love what they do by design. Schedule today to, receive special offers on today’s deals.

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