Air Duct Cleaning

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If you didn’t know air ducts play a major role in your life, they are not seen often, so it is safe to say out of site, out of mind. Forgetting air ducts in your home can lead to many problems such as air quality, sickness, and energy savings. It is suggested, to have your ducts cleaned every 3-6 years. When air travels through the aluminum cylinders, dirt and dust also flow through. This debris can include, cotton, lint, paper fibers, and other materials concubines in the two pieces of duct work. This can also be a major fire hazard when it becomes clogged and combustion takes it’s toll. Clogged debris in air ducts happen over time, when your system is not titillating correcting this can cause a major uprising spike in your energy bill. When ducts becomes clogged systems will start having to work harder in order for the air to push through. Sticky allergens and bacteria can also be found flowing through your airways also, leaving your homely environment full of airborne illnesses. Not having regular maintenance can lead to machinery failure, some parts may include igniters, thermostats, or even motors. Contact us today, to schedule your air duct cleaning.

Don’t Trust Everyone with your ducts!
Do not fall for any, air duct service promising cheap rates for a $79 deal or something like that. Cleaning air ducts the right way, there is no possible way this can be done in thirty minutes, you really get what you pay for. At St. Charles Carpet Pros we would like to have to chance to help make your home healthier and cleaner, with our duct cleaning service offered. When we clean your ducts they do come with a service warranty, We allot this time so you are not left to free fall, we have your back and, stand by our work to ensure the job is done to your specifications.

Our Service
After we have cleaned your ducts to perfection, our job is not over until we over deliver. Your system, along with vents are sanitized with antimicrobial solutions. This solution is EPA certified, and is commonly used in hospitals and is usually places in nursing home, and hospitals and eliminates. any mold or mildew in your air ducts. Everything in your home will be put back where we found it. Except for the contents in your air ducts this is our promise.