Auto Carpets

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Muddy shoes, Sports equipment, Hunting gear. You auto vehicle is on the front link when it comes to odor, grime, and dirt from outdoor activities. Keeping your car to dealer spec can most of the time a battle, no matter how great your efforts are. Lucky for you, St. Charles Carpet Pro’s are here to clean beyond the home. In fact, we can focus our carpet cleaning professionalism to cars, boats & RVs. Our tediously trained technicians use the same skills in your home in your auto. Weather it’s vinyl seats, leather seats, we can deep clean about anything. And the result do not vary, we are the clean you can count on & trust.

Tips for a cleaner Interior:

  • Keep interior wipes in your glove-box
  • Keep an trash-bag handy
  • Keep freshener spray handy
  • Instant Cleaners

6484455_origSt. Charles Carpet Pros Auto SpaYour everyday car can accumulate lots of dirt. It is not just 1 one second transfer like your home. We can sit in the car for minutes or for hours. This means, our auto carpets can take massive beating. With gas stations, offices, and cracked pavement our shoes can act of spikes when we sit in our cars. This isn’t good if you have a collectors are or a unique foreign car. We are complete professionals, if your wheels suffer from brake dust buildup we can power wash it.