Cleaning Your Boat Carpet

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Boat carpet is designed to encounter anything with ease in the brutal marine environments, but over time they are bound to get very dirty. Cleaning board carpet is a very simple and fast process when you have professionals on your side. Boat carpet is designed to handle the harsh marine environments, but sooner or later they’re bound to get dirty. If you take care of your boat your boat will take care of you. No, matter what boat you float with cleaning the bottom pays you back over time. We can also clean you, rudders keels, and skegs along with your hull. Running gears, are also on our checklist ( props, shafts, struts) they are usually to hardest for individuals to clean but with our process we can reach these areas with ease and clean with finesse. With those parts being bare metal, painting them puts these parts at risk for fouling.

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Cleaning your luxury, key to having your investment in tip top shape. Having a life with a boat, really doesn’t flow well St. Charles Carpet Pros, are here to be your boat cleaning specialists. Our overly qualified techs are here to ensure your aquatic toys, have a well maintained appearance along with a nice clean smell to go with it. Sometimes when we take our boat out for play, water get in our boats. This can be bad, at times because water has many contaminates, such as algae, bacteria, and many other viruses. Contact us today to get your boat, carpet or exterior professionally clean and, inspected! When we clean you boat, interior/exterior you can rift with confidence, not matter if its a night out with the boys, or a sunset with your lover.