Scotch Gard

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Scotch Gard is a protector that is applied with a thin coat to give the object or material a layer of protection. It is wise to protect your carpets from everyday stains. By no means will scotch gard act as a bullet proof method, it is simply a technology intended to prevent, grime, dirt, and stains from entering the fibers of your furniture or carpet. It is extremely safe and effective when applied correctly. Purchasing scotch gard from your local convenience store, would not be the same strength and, potency as our commercial products. Simply because this would cause homes using over application, call us today to schedule your scotch gard treatment. After we conclude treatment your new scotch guard will act as an protective shield, that is an anti activist that resists liquid, grime, and dirt, awarding you the time needed to prevent stains and clean the spills. For example if you spill cranberry juice on a carpet that is not protected you will see the carpet turn bloody rent. When you are protected you will see the same juice bread up on the carpet’s surface allotting you to get it up to prevent a stain. St Charles Carpet Cleaners will ensure your scotch gard campaign allows you time to clean up. Scotch gard is here to protect your carpet and prevent stains from setting in, if you leave cranberry juice on the top of the carpet it will eventually set it you will need to clean any, liquid or grime up. The purpose behind the product is to allot you time to cleanup. Some cases may include horror stories of scotch gard, because they think because they have protection they do not need to clean up the mess, and that is not true.

Benefits of Scotch Gard
If you have children or along of frequent visitors is highly recommended that you, get protected. If you host events at your home, the chances for spills, and dirt traction are very high. Along with that scotch gard can give you the best reassurance to you.

  1. Protection from Water based Stains & Oil
  2. Assist carpet fiber resist soiling
  3. Help stains Come up more easily
  4. Assists in carpet & upholstery longevity

How do I know I’m getting my money’s worth
Our technicians at St. Charles Carpet Pros, will be glad to do the paper towel test for you. What is the paper towel test? We simply apply the product to a paper towel and, watch your reaction ( not really ) but the product is quite amazing. This test demonstrates value, and shows you exactly what you are getting.