Carpet Stain Removal

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152213973Annoying Stains & Spots
Each and every spot is different, the this means the extraction process varies and is not the same. Our service includes treating most of the spots that may be embedded into your carpet. Age plays a major role, in a removal process, but we believe we have the best opportunity of anybody to remove hard body stains in your objects. Treating spots include little to no, extra charge. We do not engage in tactical sales process switches, we take pride and, thrive on honest integrity. We do not charge, for unreasonable rates for no reasons, some companies may charge fuel surcharges, vacuuming charges, and time travel charges. We are very strait forward and, will not have you paying for nothing but your related service.

St Charles Carpet Pros, have to power to lift the ” Hard to get stains” up with little to no problem. Have a stain that you just found that you think won’t come up? Working with us you never have to think twice about our professional techs no matter if it’s blood, melted crayons, melted butter, or even red sauce.

Food stains can range to greasy mashed french fires, to dried prune juice. St Charles Carpet Pros are here to assure you that we will do everything the correct way and, tackle any stain to your liking. All of our chemicals are, home friendly and, we promise take our time with your home steam cleaning, lifting and, decomposing the nasty stains.

We understand that stains can be annoying, and very anxiety filling, call us today let us know what your are dealing with. Our team makes it as simple as two words
” What Time ” no matter how, busy or booked we are, we are your personal locally owned carpet cleaners. We will bend over backwards to please our clients.

Our Technicians
All of our extraction method take a great amount of skills, to be done properly. If you hire a cheap fly by night company, you will get carpet that stay wet for a long time, spots that don’t surface, nor disappear along with, carpets that look even worse than when they showed up. We do not up-sell any of our products we have a very strict standard pricing to fit our clients needs. With St. Charles Carpet Pros you can expect only the very best service, with value prices.