Carpet Water Removal

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Water damage is a really dangerous problem to home owners, there is no home remedy to deal with this manner. You need to call a professional. Water is very resilient and, will slither through any surface. And will contribute to mold and growth of mold,this can also is a breeding grounds for bacterial. Water can affect carpet and other types of floor covering ,almost anything lets water get on the inside and absorbs it. Call now if your feet are wet and, don’t know what caused it we will find the solution and, diagnose it and, get your carpet back to dry in no time. If you were on vacation or been gone for 2 days or more and, your home or establishment is susceptible to fungus growth. The material in carpet absorbs and holds on to moisture, this gives bacteria and mold to take shape. We have the products, supply, and knowledge to ensure to kill these harmful fungi at the source. We use natural products to ensure safety and, reduce side effects and, we only top picks for us to customers to ensure you are dealing with the best. St Charles Carpet Cleaners have affordable water extraction packages to fit your budget, call us today! With our timely methods and, proper techniques we can ensure to have your home water free in a matter of hours.

The Authority you can trust
The water is in this room… Wait where’d it go? Our commercial extracting equipment will remove any free standing water. The systems we used get the carpet, padding and upholstery. Along with that we use professional standard dehumidifying and drying equipment to breech the affected places, and breech the levels back to normal percentages. St. Carpet Carpet Pros will extract the right way, our drying techniques assist in prevent phase two damage, reduce costs, and microbial growth.

Minimize the damage
When first noticing the flood, it can be shocking but, there are a few steps to minimize the damage. If accessible stop the water at it’s source to prevent additional inches of water. Remove small devices from the areas with excess water if it is safe to do so turn off all electricity. Do not risk getting shocked, do not pull out home vacuums or shop fans. Do not turn on heater or cooling units they can possible make the contamination spread if it is sewage waste related.