Fabric & Fiber protection

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We are your local authority, for all of your household and protection needs. Using a high quality protector is highly important, you really get what you pay for. Cheaper products prove to not be as effective as the higher quality ones and sometimes can avoid your warranted. Application is another major factor the needs to be accounted for, some cleaners under apply or over apply. Under applying doesn’t penetrate the carpet yarns. Over application causes carpet stran’s to become overly crusty and stiff. Our professional IIRC certified team will ensure your fabric or fibers are apply with the correct amount of protection. One benefit of carpet and fiber protection, is it reduces permanent stains, a great looking carpet can be uglyfied by an imperfected spot. Non-protected carpet isn’t protected with defense this causes it not to repel anything the world throws at it. Getting protected will allow you to get rid of spot more effectively helping you avoid permanent staining.

Help furniture and, carpet last longer
Protection can be applied to almost any fabricated surface, or furniture. We used fabric protector that is solvent-based agent, these products will not watermark elegant rare fabrics. There are many benefits of being protected, spots become easier to remove, you cleanings become easier, less cost consuming stains, and will simply add use time and life to your carpet.

Why Choose fiber & fabric protection
434973700If you are already protected, over a period of time depending on how much foot traffic you get on a monthly basis, you may need to get your teflon, or scotch gard treatment reapplied. This will ensure you are fully, protected and, comfortable with activities that go on at your home. Unprotected fibers, and fabrics are very vulnerable to stains, and, spillage. High traffic areas, can be very brutally mistreated, and sometimes can wear down very easily. By having St. Charles Carpet Pros at your home to apply protection at your home, you can keep your carpets from looking worn, adding live and longevity to your home carpets.