Furniture Cleaning

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Furniture Cleaning
Cleaning your furniture annually is very recommended, it can soiled and infested without our consent. When it come to furniture we only notice spots rather than the overall soiling condition. This can be compared to noticing your child has grow but the bad guys, ( fungus, bacteria ) grow at a X5 rate. It slowly builds overtime with the crumbs, sodas and. chips along with the salsa from last years super bowl party.

Everything is embedded and, added into the portal of your couch. We will even do a soil test for you. What is a soil test? We will test the soil conditions while doing an job at you home, we wrap a white towel around a vacuum head of the cleaning machine. Then we vacuum the furniture thoroughly, and “Wabam” before we get half done the towel is black or brown.

The Sofa may not look dirty, but it slowly changed colors, so slowly you did’t even recognize, after a visit from St. Charles Carpet Pros you will easily notice that’s not the same couch that entered you home when it arrived. How does a sofa or bar-stool accumulate so much dirt? It’s mainly from everyday use, dirt from clothes rubs off on furniture as you sit and move around. Sweat is a factor also, it breaches through you clothes leaving a layer on the furniture.

Have you ever slept on the couch? Yes, we do sweat in our sleep this is almost inevitable, it seeps through our clothes. We are here to inform you that you couch is not very healthy. Sweat, contains salts that can weaken the fibers on your couch, changing to color and, quality of you couch. Cleaning with us can be major benefit to yours homes, cleanliness and health of your couch or bar-stool or any other furniture.

Signs that your furniture needs to be professionally cleaned

  1. Fuzzy Furniture
  2. Increase in Allergies
  3. Stains
  4. Odors

If you own a dog or two the chances are high that your arm chair has been as fuzzy as a bear, you’re most likely overdue for a professional clean. No matter how hard you try to fight it it’s always inevitable to catch every hair that your pets shed.

If your nose is constantly running while your watching Netflix or you cant stop sneezing it could be an a flair up from pet dander. Germs and bacteria can also thrive in furniture fabrics. This happens when food spills, if a person has an accident on it and, in some cases they can transfer from clothing from guests.