Hardwood Floor Cleaning

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St. Charles Carpet Pros is here for your hardwood flooring cleaning needs. We will bring your home to the highest beauty possible by giving you a very nice floor cleaning. Weather you know it or not nice, squeaky clean floors add value to the home. Hardwood cleaning should only be done by professionals. Hardwood flooring requires different cleaning and care than tile or laminate floors require. Before you buy hardwood flooring for your home you must learn all of the cleaning and care these surfaces need so that you can decide if you want to get them or not.These floors require sweeping on a daily basis to remove small pieces of debris and to remove sand. These small particals can scratch the finish on hardwood floors, scratches may need sanding to remove them from the surface boards We understand the variables that are associated with hardwood flooring, our special clean goes deeper than the broom or mop. Broom and mop, cleaning simply just sifts around dirt and debris, when you need a tidy, deep clean call on St. Charles Carpet Pros. We are the name, and folks you can count on we will extract dirt from deep cracks and crevices of your hardwood floors.

Our 1 – 2 Step Process
5513365Our highly trained knowledge staff, provides some of the best hard wood cleaning, and restoring in town. We have a great two step process that lifts in-between dirt, and kills any bacteria in it’s way. Hard wood floors could contain hair dust, grease, and built up residue. We bring your hard wooding flooring from a tired state, to a confident tired less shiny beauty. When we apply our technique we first clear it away with a high concentrated alkalinity floor wood cleaner. and prepare it for a great finish if desired. The finish floor coat will add a sheen to your wood, it can be applied as a gloss sheen, or a satin, the choice is yours.