Leather Cleaning

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Nothing compares to uniqueness, fulfillment like fine cut, genuine leather. Leather is strong, cleanable, and long lasting. It has raw beauty that manufactured goods cannot even compare to When you have leather cleaning needs, do not worry St Charles Carpet Cleaners, have you have you back. ( if it’s a jacket ) Keep in mind that you cannot just start using chemical solutions on your leather goods. leather has to be treated gently and cleaned with patience in all cases they need to be treated with specialized car. Don’t trash you beautiful leather couch just because you don’t know what it takes to get it clean. Call on us today If you’ve got leather and it’s become soiled somehow, keep in mind that you just can’t do anything to your leather and keep it looking good. Leather needs to be treated gently, and in some cases will need specialized care.

Dry Cleaning Method
This method is known for it’s use of little to no water, and it’s fast drying time. It is recommended for non-colorfast materials that are damaged when exposed to cleaning methods that are water based. Dry cleaning is one of the most considered and, one of safest, of all cleaning methods. The solvent eliminate scary bleeding, browning and shrinking. One bad about dry cleaning methods is that it will not work on highly soiled areas. This method is everyone’s favorite method, because there are not 1-3 hour drying times, and the carpet is almost ready for use when the process is done.

Idea Cleanings

  • Sofas and sectional sofas
  • Love-seats and settees
  • Chairs and ottomans
  • Dining room chairs
  • All types of upholstery

Hot water extraction
Hot water extraction is a method that is mild cleaning solution and hot water. After the solution “sets” the solution is then extracted back up, taking dirt, grime, and debris up with it. The water is usually 260 degrees Fahrenheit, we have a water heater mounted in the truck, that mixes the solution, applicator then creates a highly heated vacuum. This high volume, of temperature also sanitizes, the carpet simultaneously truly a 2 in 1.