Oriental Rug Cleaning

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Oriental Rug Cleaning
We feel it is our duty fine Oriental rug looking elegant for years to come, so you can enjoy it’s uniqueness and, beauty of lustrous design. The key for the beauty of your rug lies in the technique of cleaning it. St Charles Carpet Cleaners will ensure that you rug is passed down for generations to come with regular maintenance. We can simply schedule an appointment to get your rug to a nice, healthy and steady clean in a safe and pleasing method.

St Charles Carpet Cleaners will professionally, get your treasured oriental area rug to spec of protection and, looking beautiful for time after time. Over a period of time rugs become very attracted to the unwanted, such as mold and moth larvae.

Vacuuming your oriental rug is very recommended for stable health and well being of you carpet. We are true professionals and will not spray shots of chemicals to carpets, on your valuable and valued rug. We will not expose your carpet to harsh and brutal chemicals or a washing machine. Our work is done by hand with experience, tediously trained professionals, we know the difference between fibers and, what works with a certain type of materials, dyes and methods of production.

Our Rug Technicians
Our technicians love to show their value, they will use a variety of cleaning procedures, depending on the needs and limits of each rug. There are many factors that come into play, when using a certain type of method. Dyes, fiber type, and soil present. Some of our methods include low moisture, dry cleaning methods, and full water submersion. We surprisingly have success in getting soils along with spots out of treasured rugs.

Types of special Rug Cleaning

  • Oriental area rugs
  • Persian area rugs
  • Wool area rugs
  • Silk area rugs
  • Antique area rugs
  • Prayer rugs
  • Navajo rugs

637275685Tips for rug care
Normal vacuuming to get rid of dry soil from you area rugs is very important. This stops soils from abrading the fibers, wearing out the rug early and damaging fibers permanently. Rotating your rug is highly recommended also, once a month is ideal, this allows the rug to wear square evenly and, ensures you don’t have strange fading patterns, along with dryness, caused by sunlight exposure. Call us today, to schedule delicate rug cleaning service or for more advice, expert tips, feel granted to contact us.