Pet Stain Removal

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Unsure about a stain or smell?
Have a strange smell? We have an answer, our techs have noses and knowledge like blood hounds. Our staff can even tell you what kind of animal left the smell. They are really that great. With us inspecting you house, and area we have even found cases of rodents, and mold. Call us today to have a St. Charles Carpet Pro give you an estimate and, an inspection

Did your friend leave a surprise under your couch or side table?
No matter how aged or deep a strain is we will lift it, with ease. We will simply sanitize along with deodorize any stain or spot to ensure no residue or smells arise after cleaning an aged, or fresh pet stain.

Pet stains are usually packed ammonia smelling yellow or brown stains. And if not cleaned correctly can lead a much deeper problem. We know this is a very staking job for anybody at home, pet stains call for St. Charles cleaners because they are very knowledgeable on pet stains. Our equipment overpowers any pet urine or feces matter.

Home remedies work to a certain extent, remedies usually spread and make the problem worse. Using vinegar or peroxide does not work well with pet stains although they get rid of the stain. These are only temporary fixes. St. Charles Pros will ensure that any stain will be lifted, we are simply the best at what we do. Our team understand you do not want any stains on your rugs or couches.

They can be a really grieving headache, we will relive you by lifting the stain in seconds.Great for you and, us both we are equipped with some of the best enzyme lifting technology and solutions. Our products are completely safe and, will not damage any material or compared to it chemical counterparts.

The enzymes work in a natural way only forcing, on the stain itself. Our chemicals do not leave any residue on your carpets or rugs. Pet stain extraction and, odor kicker is one of our popular alternatives for pet stain removal. Do not scrub a pet stain this only makes it worse, serious thrusting will only lodge the stain deeper and deeper.