Types Of Residential Carpet Cleaning

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ImageHandlerBonnet Cleaning
Bonnet Cleaning or surface cleaning is great when the top of the surface is soiled this involves a heavy duty motorized machine with a spinning pad that is drenched in cleaning solution to absorb dirt from the carpet’s surface. It is popular in hotels because this is quick fix solution and in heavy duty traffic area that need to be cleaned quickly without the use of moisture and, avoid inconvenience. This method is used with cleaning solution and, occasionally mixed with carbonated water.

Dry Carpet Cleaning
Dry carpet cleaning involves little to no water, a technician sprinkles a small amount of absorbent elements over the carpet and uses special brush to work it through the carpet dissolving any unwanted elements. The debris are drawn up by a commercial vacuum cleaner. This method drys more quickly than any other method, delicate natural fiber such as sisal and hemp benefit from the soft but efficient process. The compound is mostly made o biodegradable mater that work as mini sponges with diligently absorbs dirty in the carpet which can be easily sifted up at the end of processes. We utilize our own cleaning compound to ensure all powders formulas are home safe and, have our own custom equipment for this job this give us a unique touch.

Carpet Shampooing
Shampooing cleans heavily soiled carpet, by deep soaking and, liquidizing dirt, oil, and residue. It is known as hot water extraction injecting boiling water into carpet fiber. It effective loosens and, our machine tool draws moisture and pulls odors bacteria and dust mites, and has a longer drying time. This is a old school, effective method mostly used for high delecates and, favorable tradition methods of carpet cleaning upon client’s request.

Encapsulation is our most popular method of carpet cleaning it uses synthetic detergents as a base that crystallizes into powder for when it dries. The loosen dirt particles in the carpet fiber will be drawn into powder form and can be cleaned by simply vacuuming or brushed when the foam drys. this method uses less water which mean shorter drying times compared to carpet shampooing. The encapsulation method also is environmental friendly, and composed of the same also there is less chemical residue left behind after our process is done

Types of Carpet


Loop Pile:

Usually identified as the carpet with the loops ” Loop Pile ” types easier to clean and maintain, because the dirt and, other pollutants aren’t able to get much deeper than the loops presented. But are more susceptible to wear and tear more frequently, because of the loops exposed. If you have pets, they are prone, to pick at the loops this may cause stains to re-appear appear after a few days after cleaning. If this happens your carpet will require another cleaning.They are a great option for residential and commercial uses they are popular in game rooms, family rooms, and offices. The tighter the loops are the more resistant they become to matting also crushing. The loops in these carpet types are usually fabricated from nylon, wool, or olefin.


Cut Pile:

Cut pile types are usually noticed by their fibers that are usually cut evenly. Saxony is a popular style of cut-pile, tight fibers of packed yarn give a smooth soft surface this referred to as plush. Cut pile blends well with any part of the house also as equally popular for the soft foot fitting than loop pile carpets. One distinguishing factor is the unique twist that cut pile fibers have this manufactured help it stand up and resist to matting and, crushing. They come in a variety of multi colors which in turn help hide wear patterns and dirt. They are typically made out of nylon, polyester or wool with nylon cut piles being the most popular of the many trends.