Teflon Cleaning / Protection

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Teflon cleaning/protection bonds to carpet fibers preventing liquids, debris, and dirt from penetrating. Teflon protection keeps the dirt from sticking to fibers making a clean much easier, it is possible for even wool carpets to be protected. Preparing carpet for teflon protection can be a tedious task and takes a professional team to tackle this process. St Charles Carpet Cleaning will, work in the carpet using hand techniques for brush and rake application. This process takes off first by cleaning and removing any grease dirt and debris, if done incorrectly the teflon will not stick to the surface correctly. Our team will professionally prepare your carpet for this application process with no odor and home safe.

Application process

  1. Clean the area
  2. Prep the area for teflon process
  3. Apply using pump sprayer
  4. Thoroughly breech the surface with teflon
  5. Wait on drying time.

Repel Dirt And, Stains
Teflon protection will have your carpets always looking fresh and clean, and it can leave you with more confidence knowing that you elegant carpet has a shield over it. This shield resist, any soil, dirt, grime that is spilled or thrown at it. This carpet protector uses Dupont technology to give the shield more fighting power, As you may already know stains and spots cling to untreated carpet like white on rice. This technology prevents dirt from sticking to the carpet loops, giving you the confidence to treat your carpets yourself. St. Charles Carpet Pros, will ensure the right amount of teflon is applied, so it drys quickly and leave low odor. This product is completely house friendly, okay around pets and alright around children.

How it works?
902000481This Dupont technology ensures carpet protection by performing a molecular invisible shield around each and every carpet fiber. The amazing shield, makes the surface of carpet lower so, it is not susceptible to spills or accidents. One amazing perk about Teflon is, even Sherlock Holmes couldn’t even find it! No sight, touch, or smell. This is great because, if you have pets they can easily be aroused to pick or claw at the carpet. It also makes a comfortable surface for your furry friendly friends. Another major benefit is it’s completely safe, if you have a crawling baby you don’t have to worry. They can wipe out and, still keep it going unharmed. Contact us today, St. Charles Carpet Pros we would love to earn your business. Don’t forget to ask about our specials.