Tile & Grout Cleaning

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ImageHandlerThe importance of clean tiles and grout should be on the top of cleaning lists, for many reasons, it should be incorporated weekly or bi-weekley. Having a clean tile and grout, can mean the difference from a healthy family, and a family that is always sick. This is also a factor between letting you house go at your asking price or settling. It can also be the difference, of a house your proud to show off and, a house that you are timid to show your guests.

Grout can be, all sorts of colors but, the porous is usually white and can be easily prone to attracting bacteria and, dirt. If you have crawling kids, or pet that swandle around they could be at risk. When coming in contact, with the infested grout it’s very sticky and contagious, and this can be bad with kids being prone to putting their hands in their mouth putting them at risk for infections and disease. Mold and mildew grow in places with moist and warm places. Mold and mildew allergies are a problem if you just inhale and exhale . Reactions to them, may cause a few sneezes or as serious as trouble grasping for breath. Clean grout and tile is very important for you and your familys health.

When home seekers are looking for a new house, two most important rooms are the kitchen and bathroom. Both of the rooms are likely to have tile and, grout. Grout lines that are dirty could give you a bad review. Call today, and schedule a tile and grout cleaning that will sparkle and boost the visual value in your home when scheduled.

How difficult of a DIY?
Grout can contain soil, contaminants, and grease this will need the right balance of hot water, pressure, and chemicals. It’s not very difficult, getting the surface but what about the deep implanted into your tiles. Scrubbing and mopping just wont get deep down and locked on grime. St. Charles Carpet Pro has the commercial equipment to blast deep, for great results to ensure your stone, and grout is at a clean operating level. After you tile is clean and spiffy it, is great idea to have our techs apply some group sealant into the grout line. Sealant act as a barrier between your grout and, any bad contaminants.